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Product number : BEBICON

THREE MILLION accumulative shipments High Quality and High Relibility with
Long History -Hitcchi BEBICON

Hitachi is one of the oldest Japanese air compressor manufacturers. BEBICON debuted in 1946 as registered trademark of Hitachi small air compressor. BEBICON is used in various areas of industry, such as engineering and metalworking industry, mining industry and building industry. Hitachi has achieved ONE Million product shipments by 1979, TWO Million by 1994, and THREE Million by 2016.

Hitachi has introduced compressors of Oil-free type, Package type and Scroll type, always one-step ahead of the customers’ needs. Hitachi developed and introduced INVERTER PACKAGE OIL FREE BEBICON and OIL FREE Booster BEBICON to meet customers’ need of energy-saving and environment protection. Hitachi believes that our BEBICON compressor can satisfy your various needs and help you grow your business.

List of Model

Control Method


Features :Oil-free Air Supply, High Performance, Durable Design, Long Overhaul Cycle

Energy-Saving Simulation after replacing pressure reduction valves with OIL FREE Booster BEBICON

Calculation Conditions

DSP-55kW X4 units controlled by Multi-Controller, Operation Rate

Discharge Pressure 0.7MPa, , average use of compressed air is air 20m 3 /min


Low Noise, Low Vibration, High Reliability.
Space Saving, Energy Saving with Multi-Drive Control.

Scroll Compression Principle

  • Compressor sucks air through air inlet located at outer scroll.
  • Compression chamber goes smaller with rotary movement and trapped air is compressed.
  • Compression chamber becomes minimum volume at the center of the scroll and air is pumped out through air outlet located at the center of scroll.
  • These, suction, compression & discharging, process is repeated continuously.

Low Noise, Low Vibration

Noise level is only 45dB[A] that is like in the library(1.5kW)
For Example:Pencil on the top roof keeps standing during operation.

Easy to Use

Few Daily Check items and Easy to Check, Total Cost Saving

① No need to change oil and separate the oil from drain. No need to install oil mist filter as well

② Well-designed structure utilizes easy maintenance of draining and cleaning of suction filters.

*In case that the suction air is thought to contain oil, it is necessary to install oil mist filter.

Energy-Saving with Multi-Drive Control

Multi-Drive control method is added to the conventional Pressure Switch Control method. It is also possible to easily change between Multi-Drive control and Pressure Switch control by operation of switch button. Under Multi-Drive control mode, the operation of SRL heads is modified automatically responding to the need of air. Optimized operation which can keep the necessary pressure is possible.


Same as conventional Pressure Switch Control method, if the pressure reaches max pressure, the operation of compressor will stop. When the pressure decreases to the cut-in pressure, the operation of compressor will restart.

Multi-Drive Mode:

The operation of compressor is automatically controlled to keep the pressure around necessary pressure(control pressure). Unnecessary power consumption is prevented by avoiding the pressure to reach max pressure. So, energy-saving is possible.

Model change to NEXTseries is complete for Package BEBICO(1.5-11kW)

M type

New [ ECOMOD] Control, Further Energy-Saving Optimized cut-out pressure is automatically controlled by monitoring the condition of air delivery. Energy-saving can be obtained by cutting the unnecessary compression.

Compared with the conventional model under PUSC control, Energy-Saving of 40% when air consumption rate is 30%, or24% when air consumption rate is 50%, or air consumption rate is 70% is possible.

(in case of PB-3.7kW with 95L air receiver tank installed)

Calculation condition:

  • 3,000h/year operation
  • Pressure setting at 0.78 – 0.93 MPa
  • Extra air receiver tank installed

Energy Saving, Oil-free Air Supply, Low Noise Level

* In case of low rotation speed.

V type

Constant Pressure Control

Energy-Saving is possible under constant pressure control, as it can supply air at minimum pressure as required. Pressure of discharge air can be controlled within ±0.03MPa of setting pressure. Setting pressure can be adjusted within ±0.01MPa at control panel. Moreover, in case that air consumption is extremely low, operation may stop at maximum pressure.

Sophisticated operating sound with inverter

Inverter soft start reduces the starting noise. Low speed operation sound is 5 dB[A] lower than normal speed operation sound.

Energy-Saving by V-M combination

Further Energy-Saving is possible by V-M combination in case of multi units under operation.


If you have 1 unit of 7.5kW M type installed and the air requirement is 15kW class, add 1 unit of 7.5kW V type. Energy-Saving of V type can be obtained compared with the cases of replacing with 1 unit of 15kW M type or adding 1 unit of 7.5kW M type.

*It does not only apply for M type but also for models whose cut-in pressure can be changed.